Will George Miller Direct a DC Superhero Film?


There was a rumor going around about George Miller possibly directing Green Lantern Corps for Warner Bros. The director last year earned major praise for his work on Mad Max: Fury Road, earning himself an Oscar nomination and making Warner Bros a nice profit.

What he achieved with that film got me excited of the possibilities of him directing a superhero movie. Some were calling his style for Green Lantern a “Mad Max in space”. Unfortunately, a few hours after the rumor broke another source came out and quickly shot down the rumor, stating that Miller possibly directing the Green Lantern Corps was “bogus”. 

This is now the second time that Miller has been rumored to direct a DC superhero film, only for the rumor to later be false (the other being Man of Steel 2). There’s definitely an interest between the director and the studio, given the success of Mad Max: Fury Road. The question is will Miller ever sign on for a superhero blockbuster?

There are currently five DC superhero films that are without a director. Those five are The Flash, Cyborg, Shazam, Justice League: Part Two, Green Lantern Corps, and an untitled DC film in 2019. From what we currently know, The Flash has recently lost its director Seth Grahame-Smith, while Zack Snyder is not confirmed to be directing Justice League: Part Two. As for the rest of the projects, nothing else is known other than Warner Bros is deep in development finalizing scripts and searching for directors.

I don’t think anyone would be opposed to Miller signing on to direct any of the films above. Personally, I would’ve loved seeing his take on Green Lantern Corps. The guy knows how to make a visually awesome, action packed movie, and his vision of an outer space buddy cop flick would be awesome. The movie would also be a visual departure from his last, with Green Lantern Corps being a CGI heavy film. Never say never with Miller.

What do you guys think? Will George Miller direct a DC superhero film?

Image via. MoviePilot

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