‘Iron Man 4’: RDJ Feels Ready for One More

No official announcements were ever made regarding another Iron Man solo movie happening. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues expanding with the introduction of new characters, those actors who were around for Phase One are nearing the end of their contracts. That includes Robert Downey Jr, who famously re-negotiated his four picture deal to include Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War Part One & Two.

As we approach the release date for Civil War, I’m more and more expecting to see Downey give us a different side of Tony Stark. Through the interviews I’ve seen from him during the press tour, it seems Downey had lots of fun doing this movie, which possibly gave him new energy to continue playing the character. Its already been reported that Downey will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and many are speculating his role will be of a mentor. Moving forward, I expected Downey to play a supporting role in other character’s solo movies, but it seems the actor is now open to doing more again.

During a recent promotional interview with ABC Nightline, Downey stated that he feels like he “can do one more [Iron Man]”. The public statement will naturally have fans excited about the idea of one more movie, which at the earliest could arrive during Phase Four beginning sometime in 2019.

Sign me up for five more!

As someone who wasn’t a fan of Iron Man 3, I’m hoping Marvel makes room for one more. Not only did the studio botch the misdirection regarding The Manadarin character, but afterwards did a one shot titled All Hail the King that fixed those errors and teased of the real Mandarin’s presence in the MCU. That means there’s one more battle out there for Iron Man, and that’s against his fiercest opponent in the comics.

The question is what will Marvel do with the Tony Stark/Iron Man during Avengers: Infinity War? I did a poll last October asking “which Avenger will die?”, and Iron Man was number three after Captain America and Vision. If the character survives, do they recast Tony Stark? Not if Downey is up for another solo movie, and possibly another Avengers team up movie. He could easily play the character for ten more years if he wanted to.

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