Maybe This ‘Emoji Movie’ Isn’t So Crazy After All…

What is it with these totally random movie ideas that are starting to win me over? I was sitting in the theater last week for The Jungle Book, and saw the latest trailer for The Angry Birds Movie. Even after prematurely calling that movie dumb, I had to admit to myself that I was entertained and humored by what I saw. Also last week at CinemaCon, there was an update on another upcoming movie that I couldn’t get my head around. The Emoji Movie, based on those actual facial expression used in your text messages.

Sony Pictures fought hard last year and won a bidding war against other studios for the film rights. During CinemaCon, the studio gave an update on what kind of story to expect. According to those in attendance, the movie will take place within the digital world of your phone. Think somewhere along the lines of Tron and Wreck It Ralph. The main characters will leave what’s called Emoji Valley  for a broader world on their phone’s home screen. From there, Emojis discover they can enter other worlds that exist within each app.

The idea actually presents an opportunity for many popular existing apps to become commercial partners and get their product featured in the story line. Reports claim the major music app Spotify has already closed a deal with Sony to be featured in the film, with several more recognizable names on the way.

Here’s a portion of the official story pitch from Sony:

“Inside your phone, there’s a secret world– and we enter through the text app where we discover Emoji Valley, where the industrious Emoji live and work.”

I actually think this idea sounds pretty cool, and will be a fun way to further explore the devices we cannot live without. Imagine the emojis visiting game apps like Clash of Clans or maybe one of your favorite apps. There’s definitely potential here, and its starts with using your imagination to create something cool.

Sony has to be pretty far into development, with an August 11, 2017 release date announced. No directors, or voice cast has yet to be announced, but I expect some big names to sign up for this project soon.

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