These Are Some Legit ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Fan Made Posters

The wait it almost over people! In just under 3 weeks, we’ll all be able to stroll into our local theater and purchase a ticket (if you’re like me, you’ve got it already) for Marvel’s latest gargantuan, Captain America: Civil War. As its release gets closer by the day, we’re continuing to get new TV spots, images, comments, and so on. And while that’s all good and dandy (stop with the new footage!), I thought it be a bit of fun to step back from the official marketing run and look at another fun part of a big movie release, the fans.

Over the better part of the last decade, posters have become a huge part of marketing pushes, with teaser posters, character posters, and the big reveal of the official posters. But the best part of posters becoming so relevant lately is that fans (with the help of newer technology) have been able to express their own poster. Fans can now create their very own posters from scratch, showing the movie loving community their idea of a poster. It’s actually quite cool if you really think about it. Although I don’t know those behind the posters, I’ve tried to collect batches of fan-made posters for some of the biggest releases over the years. And with Civil War right around the corner, I thought it be a great idea to do the same for this monster of a movie.

The posters above are my personal favorites of the batch, which includes an AWESOME look at a swinging Spidey and a cool play off the Sicario poster. Check out the rest of them below, and keep in mind, a number of these were made and/or collected before the release of any footage or logo for the movie. Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6th, 2016.

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