Here’s Why Harley Quinn Will Double-Cross the ‘Suicide Squad’


Our very own Jake Berlin seems to think that Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) will double-cross her new comrades (Task Force X) at some point during Suicide Squad. However, I just couldn’t buy into that idea, because of what I’ve seen through the trailers.

As far as the trailers suggest, when we meet Harley Quinn she’ll already be damaged by her past with The Joker (Jared Leto). We’ve seen the two evade Batman in Joker’s hot ride, and we know that at one point they both get caught and locked up. However, Joker escapes and yet Harley remains in prison. This is speculation on my part, but maybe she begins to resent the person who she though loved her. For one reason or another, she’s convinced to join Task Force X and do some good (and maybe in return gets visiting time with her Joker). However, I never considered Harley’s past and expertise as a psychiatrist. We’ve seen the character in the trailers act mentally insane, but what if all that’s an act?

Margot Robbie’s recent comments during CinemaCon (via. LA Times) made me look at this Harley Quinn character that I’ve seen through the trailers in a much different way.


She’s definitely one of the more unpredictable members of the squad. She also used to be a psychiatrist so she has an extensive knowledge of mental illnesses and how to manipulate people — I’m sorry, well, she has a lot of knowledge on how to profile people, pick their triggers, and as Harley Quinn she kind of utilizes that to just manipulate people and mess with them. She’s always picking someone to be dissecting and playing off and messing with.

She goes on to hint about apart of her still emotionally connected to The Joker.

It’s an incredibly dysfunctional relationship … She’s mad about him — like, literally, mad. She’s crazy. But she loves him. And it’s a really unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship. But an addictive one.”

What could Harley’s betrayal do for the entire Task Force X? Will their trust in each other be broken, and send them all back down a dark path? Remember, fans want to see The Joker and Harley Quinn together against the Batman. The story for Suicide Squad will be as much about her inner struggle on whether to do good, or give into her addiction. In the end, I’m expecting her to be reunited with her Joker. We’ll find out whether or not it happens come this August.

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