Posters: ‘Neighbors 2’, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, ‘War Dogs’, ‘High-Rise’ & Much, Much More

Man oh man do we have a batch of posters. After being a bit backed up on things, I’ve finally found the time to bring to you the latest posters to hit the web, and it’s a damn doozy. Over the years posters have evolved into what they are today, a centerpiece in marketing strategies. Some do it great, some do it good, and some do it, well, not so good. What makes a great poster? To me a great one-sheet is able to capture the essence or idea of the film and/or character in one single frame. It has to be able to tell a story and grab the attention of the viewer in a glance. See where I’m coming from?

Anyway, below you can check out the LOAD of new posters I’ve collected. From Neighbors 2 to Tom Hiddleston’s High-Rise to The Angry Birds Movie to the horror movie Lights Out and so much more. Once you’ve scrolled through the pretty big gallery, head down to the comments and let us know some of your favorite posters from the bunch. Which ones standout? Do any get you more excited for the movie? Less excited? Sound off!

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