Star Wars

MTV Movie Awards: ‘Star Wars’ Parody (1999)

There was a time when the MTV Movie Awards was a must see event for kids, teens, and especially young adults. The show was meant to be fun, and the best part was seeing Hollywood filmmakers and actors/actresses participate and, well just have fun.

The show hasn’t been all that great in recent years, but this year looks promising. Daisy Ridley, J.J. Abrams, Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron, Will Smith, and others will be in attendance. Some of last year’s most entertaining films will be recognized like Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and this year’s Deadpool. The show airs tonight, and I’ll be definitely tuning in for hopefully a fun time.

Right now I want to share one of my favorite parodies from a past MTV Movie Awards show. During the 1999 show, host Lisa Kudrow approached the jedi council for their blessing to host the show. As a huge Star Wars fan, I just can’t get enough of this.

These were the days for MTV!

What are some of your favorite parodies from past MTV Movie Awards?

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