Rumor Central: One Major ‘Star Wars’ Character Returns in the Next Film

Right off the bat I’m going to spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so if you haven’t seen it by now, then the fact that you clicked on this post is a headscratcher.

So anyways SPOILERS ahead…

The Force Awakens featured one major cameo that will play a larger role in the story going forward. The entire plot of movie revolves around finding Luke Skywalker, and in the end we finally see him. But Luke wasn’t suppose to be the film’s only cameo, as we eventually learned that force ghosts were almost in the movie.

Concept art of Anakin Skywalker (reprised by Hayden Christensen) showed us something we never seen before, a force ghost that’s half dark side and half light. The fact that concept art of force ghosts were designed for The Force Awakens tells me that Lucasfilm intends on featuring that story element in future movies.

The re-introduction of force ghosts present so many possibilities of seeing fan favorite characters again, and possibly some actors reprising their roles. Who wouldn’t love seeing Liam Neeson reprise his role as Qui-Gon Jinn in an Obi-Wan anthology? Well if this latest rumor ends up being true, then Episode VIII will feature a force ghost appearance in Yoda.

The rumor (from Making Star Wars) says they’re hearing that Frank Oz is at Pinewood Studios in the U.K. for business. That also happens to be where Episode VIII is now filming.

So what could Yoda’s appearance in Episode VIII mean?

Well if you didn’t know, the middle film in most trilogies tend to be darker movie, especially for the antagonists. Just because the Alliance has found Luke doesn’t mean its all over. Kylo Ren will surely be out for revenge, especially after that butt whooping he took from an untrained Rey Skywalker. Also, I expect Supreme Leader Snoke to have a bigger role, along with the introduction of Benicio Del Toro’s evil character. Things could get potentially get very bad, that Luke may need to consult with his former master.

Another question is whether or not the filmmakers continue their preference of practical effects and give us a puppet Yoda? For me, I personally like the CGI version of the character better. The fact that Yoda would be a force ghost nearly defeats the purpose of a puppet character.

Considering how Lucasfilm brilliantly marketed The Force Awakens, we probably won’t have confirmation of a Yoda cameo in Episode VIII until the actualy film releases. For now, all we can do is speculate, which helps time pass by faster until December 2018.

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