Rumor Central: ‘Justice League: Part One’ Major Conflict with Aquaman

Despite its overly publicized 68% box office drop going into its second weekend for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros is still moving forward with Justice League: Part One. Director Zack Snyder returns to begin production one week from now. Any plot details on the film remain unknown, however considering how Batman v Superman ended, we know two important characters will set out searching for metahumans to help fight.

The threat? So far we’ve gotten plenty of hints at DC Comics’ big baddie Darkseid and his parademons through subtle references and not-so subtle dream sequences. However, this new rumor suggests that Warner Bros may be misdirecting audiences. According to the rumor (via. Heroic Hollywood), Atlantis (led by Aquaman) will attack the surface. This move roots from a war between the Atlanteans and Amazonians of Themyscira (Wonder Woman) that is said to take place at some point between the Wonder Woman film and Justice League.

The rumor also mentions that Batman’s submarine vehicle (Bat-sub) will make its appearance in the film. Could Batman take an underwater trip to Atlantis to confront Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and if so how is that even possible? As we’ve seen from the cameo in BvS, Aquaman isn’t very welcoming to outsiders.

Like all rumors, this one must be taken with a grain of salt. According to my research, a recent comic book series called Throne of Atlantis deals with the war between Atlanteans and surface-dwellers. That series is written by DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns, who has recently been rumored to working with Ben Affleck on another DC related project. Also lets not forget the very first image from the pre-production on Justice League: Part One. The image (above) shows Snyder and Momoa, with a few references towards Atlantis (including a blurry image of Amber Heard, who play Mera).

Its very possible that JL: Part One will feature Aquaman & his atlanteans as the main antagonists. As someone who’s excited to see this version of Aquaman have a bigger role moving forward, I think its a very exciting direction.

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