Cool Video: Keanu Reeves Shreds a Gun Course in Preparation for ‘John Wick: Chapter Two’

If you haven’t got around to seeing John Wick yet, I highly recommend bookmarking this page, finding the movie wherever you can, and click play. If you have seen it, you’ll really enjoy what follows. For a movie starring a dude who was a bit down on his luck, and that released its trailer only 20-plus days before its release, John Wick is AWESOME. Short and sweet, t’s one of the best pure action movies I’ve ever seen. Not only did Keanu Reeves just kill it (both literally and figuratively) and the action stand among the best, but the story really worked. And that’s something you don’t always see with a movie like this.

The movie did so well with critics, fans, and at the box-office that the studio backed a sequel pretty soon after, which got a hell of a lot of people excited. One of the best things about John Wick is the serious world-building it did, and that’s (mostly) because of one sequence. A movie that was probably written as a one-off, kick-ass action movie has turned into a franchise because of The Continental. Don’t know what that is? It’s the badass Hotel in the movie, where assassin’s and hitmen go to hang out, but where any kind of work is prohibited. Anyway, back to the sequel.

We now know what the sequel will be about, and while it promises to delve a little bit more into the history of The Boogeyman, I know for a fact that you and I and everyone else are looking forward to one thing and one thing only, those damn headshots! Like I said above, the original has some of the best action I’ve ever seen, and the sequel looks to continue that. For a role like this, there’s no doubt that Reeves had to go through some serious training for the role. And now, thanks to Taran Tactical on YouTube, we know what kind of badassery Keanu Reeves does to train. Watch John Wick himself absolutely shred through a gun course in preparation for the upcoming John Wick: Chapter Two.

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