Max Landis Script (with Bradley Cooper Attached) Gaining Attention!

A couple weeks ago, Max Landis scored a major Netflix deal for his upcoming sci-fi/thriller Bright. The David Ayer directed project, with Will Smith attached, sold for $90 million dollars, with $4 million going to Landis. Now the writer has another project getting shopped around, this time with Bradley Cooper attached in the lead role.

The project is a drama called Deeper, which centers on a disgraced astronaut who sets out to the bottom the oceanic trench, which is believed to be the lowest point on Earth. During his journey, Cooper’s character faces grave danger against mysterious forces, and begins a physical and psychological battle for survival.

The project sounds interesting indeed, and sounds an awful lot similar to an idea Landis pitched not too long ago. During an interview with Schmoes Know, Landis talked about an idea he’s working on involing a group of people traveling down beneath the Earth and uncovering something ancient and unknown. Check out Landis’ early pitch for Deeper in the video below.

As for this project, I’m curious to see who signs on to direct. I’m a huge fan of Landis, and I believe he gets too much blame for his films failing. Once a studio buys a script, its theirs to do whatever they like with it. I want to see what a director can do who can grasp the vision behind the script, and that includes limiting the studio’s involvement. One perfect example of uninterfered creative collaboration was with Landis’ first big hit Chronicle.

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