‘The Revenant’ Honest Trailer: Yes, Thank You, We Know the Sky Is Still There

The Revenant was easily one of last year’s most anticipated films. Directed by the then defending Oscar-winning director Alejandro G. Iñarritu and starring the biggest name in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio. Although the film may not have blown everyone away like expected, it was still the biggest accomplishment of the year. From the marvelous tracking shot to the unbelievable use of natural light, it’s hard to deny that the film was one of last year’s best.

But even with that being the case, it’s not hard to deny that the film is not flawless. It does have its issues, and instead of me just running through them like a review, I can show you thanks to Screen Junkies. By now you know about their genius of an idea in honest trailers, where they take a somewhat recent release and give us the actual version of the film, the honest version. So without any further introduction, here is SJ’s hones trailer for The Revenant, where they not only point of some of the films greater elements, but the weaker ones as well, including all those pointless sky shots.

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