Zack Snyder’s Plan for Batman in Next Year’s ‘Justice League’

Spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below…

Justice League: Part One begins filming next month, and depending on how you felt about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you’re either excited or nervous about it. For myself, the anticipation has drastically risen. I’ve seen the movie three times now, and while the problems of the film remain, I also like the film more. The ending in particular was a gutsy move on Zack Snyder’s part, but its all apart of his grand scheme for the DC universe going forward.

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) tells Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) that she must help him find others like her. His recent visit with – now prison inmate – Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) gave him the feeling that something more deadly than Doomsday is coming. Now that Superman (Henry Cavill) is dead, it’ll be up to Wayne to bring together a group of super powered beings.

During a recent interview with Collider, Snyder further explains the setup ending, and why the death of Superman makes it easier to understand Bruce Wayne taking the lead going forward.

…Because one of the big things I wanted to make sure of was that as we went into Justice League, Bruce Wayne was the one who was gathering the Justice League. I thought it was really important to have Bruce Wayne be the samurai who goes and finds the other samurai, that to me was important. And with Superman around it’s kinda hard, because Superman’s Superman so it’s kinda hard for Bruce to be like, ‘Yeah I wanna put a Justice League together’. It’s like, ‘Okay, but maybe Superman should be doing that. You’re just a guy. You’re a cool guy, don’t get me wrong, but you’re just a guy.’”

Point taken Snyder, however, it goes just beyond Batman being just a guy. He also has more experience with combat, tactics, and he also happens to be more attentive towards actions and consequences. It’ll be interesting seeing Batman guide this Justice League team (Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg), and how they’ll respond to taking orders from… a guy.

Justice League: Part One arrives November 17, 2017

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