Zack Snyder Explains the Ending for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the post below…

The ending for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just one of several controversial things about the film.  For myself, I thought it was a gutsy move by Zack Snyder that worked for me. Killing Superman (Henry Cavill) at the end of the film came from a direct adaptation of The Death of Superman comic, which featured a deadly fight between him and Doomsday.

Many are asking “why would Zack Snyder do such a thing? We know Superman will return for Justice League“. Well folks, sometimes you just need to have patience and see how everything plays out within this universe. Also if you know Snyder, then you’ll know everything you see onscreen will have a deeper meaning. The director explains in a recent interview with Collider the thought process behind the ending.

“I thought for the evolution of Superman’s character, there’s a crucible that he has to go through to really embrace his humanity or find what is the ultimate thing about being human? The ultimate thing you face is your mortality, and that’s a thing that I think is really cool about this.”

If it wasn’t so obvious that Snyder is a fan of these characters. Since Man of Steel, the director has continued to put Superman in these situations that explores the character in ways never before. Regardless of how he treats the character, one has to appreciate what he attempts. The funeral sequence for Superman was nothing short of beautiful. Its almost a miracle that Snyder was granted permission to treat one of Warner Bros most important DC characters that way.

“The studio was like, ‘What?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah but, how about I called the movie Dawn of Justice?’, and they’re like ‘Okay, okay, I like what you’re doing, I see what you’re doing.’”

Justice League: Part One hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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