First Look: Michael Keaton in ‘The Founder’

After quite a hiatus from the business, Michael Keaton has become a big name through the last few years. Leading two Oscar-winning films (BirdmanSpotlight) and in my opinion, losing a golden statue when he should’ve won, Keaton seems to be hitting potential later in life. So much so that he’s being eyed for high-profile projects that will continue the path he’s on. One of those projects is The Founder, and we now have our first look at the film.

The image introduces us to Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the man behind turning McDonald’s from a local California establishment into the global brand it is today. It’s been thought that the film will follow Kroc through a decent amount of time, but other than that, there isn’t a whole lot known about the project at this point. Laura Dern stars alongside Keaton as Kroc’s wife, Ethel Fleming, with Nick Offerman, Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson, BJ Novak, and John Carroll Lynch co-starring.

Harvey Weinstein, who along with his company, are looking to give Keaton a third straight Academy Award nomination. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he had this to say about the John Lee Hancock directed film:

“Award-caliber movies should be able to open any time of year and be successful.”

“This year I want to spread out our slate and give them the best opportunity to succeed. The Founder is brilliant and one of the most controversial films I have had the pleasure to be associated. The story of Ray Kroc should ignite adult audiences this summer and send the incredible team of John Lee Hancock and Michael Keaton back to the Dolby Theater.”

From the looks of it, it sure look like that’ll be the case. Like I said above, Keaton has become a real powerhouse as of late, and I’m willing to put my money on his name being a frontrunner once again come next year. Check out Michael Keaton’s Instagram page for more cool looks at various classic McDonald’s shooting locations for the film. The Founder hits theaters August 5th, 2016.

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