Meet the Crew of ‘Deepwater Horizon’ in New Images

A number of new images have been released for Summit Entertainment’s upcoming action drama Deepwaterwater Horizon. The disaster movie tells the true story of the 2010 BP oil rig explosion that took place off the Gulf of Mexico. A Most Violent Year director J.C. Chandor was originally attached, but due to creative differences he exited during pre-production. Following the departure, star Mark Wahlberg called up his Lone Survivor director Peter Berg to step in, making the movie what it is today.

Originally intended to be a political blockbuster, the version we’ll be seeing recounts the story of the extreme courage of those who worked on the Deepwater Horizon rig and the moments of bravery and survival during the world’s biggest man-made disaster. Although it’s a bummer won’t be seeing Chandor’s take of this story (A Most Violent Year is a hidden gem), Perg is very solid replacement. I’ve enjoyed most, if not all of his movies, especially his last outing in Lone Survivor (another true story starring Wahlberg). Not just that, but he’s assembled quite an impressive cast for this one, which includes Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez, Dylan O’Brien, Kate Hudson, and John Malkovich.

While it sounds like the story will focus on the human side aboard the oil rig, it’ll be interesting to see if Berg touches on the politics side at all, or if that was scrapped during the rewriting process. Either way, I’m very much looking forward to finding out. And we shouldn’t have to wait to long, the arrival of these new images are basically a tell to look out for a first trailer some time soon. Peter Berg’s Deepwater Horizon hits theaters on September 30th, 2016.

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