Posters: ‘Captain America: Civil War’, ‘The Legend of Tarzan’, ‘Eye in the Sky’ & ‘Ben-Hur’

And we’re back with a LOAD of brand new posters! I’ve spent most of the past two weeks covering trailer release after trailer release after trailer release, which has left me minimal time to cover all the new posters that have been released as well. While I’ve been catching up and posting about more than a dozen trailers from the past few weeks, I’ve been collecting all of the latest one-sheets on the side. Now that there’s been a break in the storm, I get a chance to showcase all the latest posters you might have missed.

As you can see, at least twelve new posters have hit the web. While I would love to talk about what I think of them all and what kind of excitement (or not) I get from each of the trailers, that’ll just take to much damn time. Obviously I’m a little bit more excited for some of the bigger ones, with their posters being featured at the top, but do not overlook any listed below.

Make sure to hit that search bar on the site and check out each of the trailers for all these movies. With posters being such a focal point in marketing these days, we now want to know what you think of all these new posters. Which ones do you like? Which ones do you not so much like? Sound off!

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