‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ First Images & Poster Have Arrived; First Trailer Released Tomorrow

Next February will see the first standalone Batman movie released in nearly five years. Oh excuse me, should’ve been more clear. It will not be Ben Affleck’s Batman that dawns the cape and cowl next year, but rather Will Annett’s Batman. After being a clear standout in The LEGO Movie, Arnett’s Batman is now getting his chance on the big screen in his own solo spinoff, and we now have the first look images at the movie.

USA Today dropped the images online yesterday, with star Will Arnett revealing the teaser poster today on Twitter. When the movie was announced, producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who directed The LEGO Movie) said the movie asks the questions, “Can Batman be happy?” Director Chris McKay adds that “Batman is an island onto himself, the only thing he doesn’t have is relationships. We’re making About a Boy as directed by (action director) Michael Mann.” Those are some pretty intriguing comments, considering how the live-action takes on the character have never really included happy endings.

While we still know close to nothing about the plot of the movie, we do know that it “will see the hero living his solitary life in the Batcave with his butler Alfred (voiced by Ralph Fiennes).” The Batcave is a centerpiece in the Batman mythology, with many different incarnations of it through Batman’s long history, and it sounds like this will be no different. We’ll have to wait until next year to see all the nifty features this Batcave will have, but the following new images do give us a bit of a tease on what to expect, which include a TV dinner and Batsuit assembly-line.

Check out the new images and teaser poster, which debuts the movies black or maybe a very, very, dark grey official logo. Also don’t forget to come back here tomorrow as the images came with the news that the first trailer will be released some time tomorrow, which will no doubt be attached to WB’s other superhero property this weekend, Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeThe LEGO Movie hits theaters February 17th, 2016 and stars Will Arnett Batman, Zack Galifianakis as The Joker Rosario Dawson as Batgirl, Michael Cera as Robin, Mariah Carey as Gotham City’s Mayor, and Ralph Fiennes as Alfred.

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