A New Team Answers the Call in the First ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer

Sony Pictures has finally released the first official trailer for their upcoming Ghostbusters. The long-in-development rebooguel is directed by Bridesmaids and Spy director Paul Feig and finds Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as the proton pack wielding heroes.

Just as expected, the first trailer highlights each distinct comedy style the four leading ladies will no doubt put on display come this summer. But at the same time, it does feel like another Feig and McCarthy bit, which is what has been holding me back all along. But something that instantly hooked me were the effects, which were fascinating and a solid mixture of old (Ghostbusters) and new. And while Wiig, McCarthy and Jones do look good, just as expected, McKinnon completely took over.

Don’t get me wrong, although I’m still a bit worried it’ll end up as the same old comedy, there are a number of things I really liked. I mentioned a few above, but one thing I didn’t mention was the clear chemistry between these four women. And as far as the comedy goes, that’s always a major plus going into it. And I also can’t go without mentioning some of the big callbacks to the originals, such as that quick Slimer appearance, that awesome shot of ghost vomit and of course, the Ecto-1 (Ecto-2?) in all its glory. All-in-all, this new Ghostbusters looks like it could end up being quite a bit of fun. And hopefully Feig and his team don’t forget that this franchise is a bit spooky on top of its comedic fun.

If you want to look more into this new Ghostbusters, head over to Collider and check out their coverage of the movie, including their 14 Things to Know and trailer screenshots. Also starring Chris Hemsworth, Andy Garcia, Michael Kenneth Williams, Matt Walsh and Cecily Strong, Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters opens July 15th, 2016.

Erin Gilbert (Wiig) and Abby Bergman (McCarthy) are a pair of unheralded authors who write a book positing that ghosts are real. A few years later, Gilbert lands a prestigious teaching position at Columbia University, but her book resurfaces and she is laughed out of academia. Gilbert reunites with Bergman and others when ghosts invade Manhattan and try to save the world.

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