Check Out Leonardo DiCaprio Having Some Fun After the Oscars

For some reason, this year more than any year in recent memory, the whole world gathered as one and cheered for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally get his Oscar. It become sort of like a trend seeing as many people I came across hadn’t seen The Revenant. Regardless, it finally happened this past Sunday night, as Leo won Best Lead Actor for his role in The Revenant. Soon after, the internet exploded with 440,000 people tweeting about the Oscars per minute, which was a new record set.

After the evening ceremony, Leo took part in an interview with the press. He joined by his director for The Revenant, and Oscar winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu. The interview seemed pretty standard until the very last question. A journalist from Egypt asked Leo about winning his first Oscar. Her pronunciation made it difficult for the actor to understand, however, he tried his best to answer and had a few laughs along the way.

See the question below.

Later, the actor was getting his Oscar engraved, and decided to have fun during the experience. After all, its not every year that Leo actually wins an Oscar. While waiting the actor joked with the quiet engraver, asking her “You do this every year?”, as she nods her head to say, “Yes.”.

“I wouldn’t know,” the actor responds making those around him to laugh. The video came from Variety, who was awesome enough to tweet it for the entire world to see.

Check it out below.

Congratulations Leo, we’re happy you finally won. Not a doubt in anyone’s mind that you’ll win again!

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