Poll: What Was Your Favorite February Release?

Brianna Hildebrand & Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool'

February is officially in the books. A month that is usually considered quite a toilet bowl actually featured a number of good quality movies. With last year’s Kingsman: The Secret Service and this year’s Deadpool (among others), February may finally be becoming a viable spot to place a movie.

Not only did February feature one of the biggest box-office surprises in the last few years in Deadpool, but it also featured the year’s first gigantic bomb in Gods of Egypt. How about that range? With many different types of genres on display and movies that reach a number of different audiences, I now want to know which one was your favorite? Was it the foul-mouthed katana-wielding Deadpool? Or was it maybe the feel-good sports movie Eddie the Eagle? Plenty of options to choose from, cast your vote below! And don’t forget to jump down in the comments and let us know why that movie was your favorite. Story? Fun factor? Performances? Also, which one was your least favorite and why? Thanks for voting!

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