NOTW: ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Is Happening with Steven S. DeKnight Directing!

Remember how Pacific Rim 2 was pretty much marked as the ugly step-child that nobody wanted any part of? Well, that’s long gone now. Through the pre-production stoppage and studio issues, Guillermo del Toro, who directed the first one, has been adamant that a sequel would happen, eventually. Well it seems Gypsy Danger for 'Pacific Rim'his continuing confidence has paid off; last night saw the unbelievably awesome news that a Pacific Rim sequel is very much on the way, just not with del Toro at the helm.

First reported by Deadline, Legendary Pictures is moving forward with the sequel with Spartacus creator and Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight in the director’s chair. Pacific Rim 2 will mark DeKnight’s film directional debut, but he has been a part of some of TV’s biggest hits over the last decade plus, such as Buffy the Vampire SlayerAngelSmallville and the aforementioned Spartacus and Daredevil. DeKnight will continue the story Del Toro and Travis Beacham launched in the 2013 robot vs. monster epic, with the script being written by Doctor Strange‘s Jon Spaights. While plot details are next to nothing at this point, del Toro has hinted that the sequel story would pick up years after the events of the first film. It’s also expected that many of the characters who survived the first movie will be back, like Charlie Hunnam and Charlie Day.

I’ll get this out of the way now, I freaking love Pacific Rim, like LOVE. So it’s safe to say I’m over-the-moon excited that the studio has decided to move forward with a sequel. It is a bummer that del Toro won’t be returning to direct, but DeKnight is nowhere near as much of a step-down as some may think, experience or not. Have you seen SpartacusDaredevil? Plus, because Pacific Rim is del Toro’s baby, it’s hard to see him not have any kind of involvement in the sequel.

Now that you’ve heard my thoughts, what do you think? Are you as excited as I am that Pacific Rim 2 is officially happening? Is DeKnight a worthy successor to del Toro or is his absence a letdown? Let us know in the comments below!

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