‘Batman v Superman’ Blu-Ray Edition Gets an R Rating

Well it seems like the influence of Deadpool’s success has reached the DC extended universe. An rated R cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice exists, and will be featured as a part of the blu-ray edition. Its being called Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. According to Filmratings.com, the MPAA initially gave Zack Snyder’s BvS an R rating for “sequences of violence”. However, the theatrical cut for the film will remain PG-13.

This does not come as a surprise when considering the name Zack Snyder. The director has previously directed two rated R comic book movies (300, Watchmen) and even managed to take Superman to a darker and gritty place, which turned off long time fans of the character. When Snyder decided to loosely adapt the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns story-line, the combination of filmmaker and source material just screams an R rating.

Based off the description above, I’m expecting the blu-ray Ultimate Edition to feature a fight between Batman and Superman that gets a bit more… bloody. Also, while nothing has been confirmed, don’t be surprised to see a Joker (Jared Leto) flashback of him killing Robin and burning down the Wayne Mansion, and for it to be graphic and violent.

I’ve always hoped the DC extended universe would test  the boundaries between PG-13 and rated R. Obviously, Batman v Superman will remain PG-13 theatrically to help make up for its massive budget. I also expect Suicide Squad to remain PG-13, however, I anticipate that film to get the same blu-ray treatment as BvS, considering the film and its director David Ayer. We’re about a month away until Batman v Superman releases, and apart of me will be looking for moments of violence that Warner Bros cut back on for its blu-ray release.

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