Rumor Central: ‘Wolverine 3’ Adapting Old Man Logan Story

However underwhelming the Wolverine solo films have been, one thing has remained consistent and that’s Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The announcement that Wolverine 3 would be the actor’s final time playing the character is something that can sell itself to millions of fans. Since that announcement last year, we’ve all been patiently waiting to see where Jackman and director James Mangold will take the character for the final time.

Previous Wolverine films have adapted popular story-lines such as Weapon X and Wolverine (which saw the character travel to Japan).For Jackman’s final performance, fans have been calling for one story-line since the beginning. Its a story that seems fitting for an actor who’s played the character for 17 years. That story-line is Old Man Logan, and according to the latest rumors, its getting adapted for Wolverine 3.

Den of Geek is reporting that the intention has always been to not only adapt Old Man Logan, but to give the film an R rating. The success of Deadpool only helps the argument for such rating and gives Fox confident in pursuing more mature content.

What is the Old Man Logan story-line?

Old Man Logan tells the story of Wolverine as the last surviving X-Man in a dystopian world, where he has vowed to never use his claws again. His adventures crosses paths with a blinded Hawkeye, Hulk, Red Skull, and few other characters. Considering the film rights issues on each character previously mentioned, certain liberties will have to be taken with this adaptation. While that’s not an uncommon thing among comic book movies these days (Captain America: Civil War), it’ll surely upset hardcore fans and give them reasons to go against this adaptation.

wolverine 3 hugh jackman old man logan r rating Rumor Patrol: Wolverine 3 to Adapt Old Man Logan Story

The Solution

Fortunately for 20th Century Fox, their X-Men universe contains a plethora of characters. Professor X has been long rumored to appear in this film, with Patrick Stewart reprising his role. Sabretooth has also been a popular rumor, with Liev Schreiber showing much interesting in returning. Our very own Jacob Bartley think Cyclops would make a great replacement for Hawkeye, with James Marsden reprising the role. There have even been fans who have suggested that Dr. Doom appear in the film, as a replacement for The Red Skull. This will help Fox tie in the Fantastic Four property they’ve long been struggling to get right, and also puts one of Marvel’s greatest villains to good use.

There are plenty of options for Mangold and Jackman to take, and with an R rating and a studio that has seemed to get out of their own way with everything regarding X-Men, there’s reason to be hopeful and excited for Wolverine 3.

How does an Old Man Logan adaptation for Wolverine 3 sound to you? What options do you have in mind for replacing characters owned by Marvel?

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