‘Wolverine’ May Finally Get an R Rating

The argument that “an R-rating limits a blockbuster’s audience” got thrown out the window the moment I saw parents taking their kids to see Deadpool. One would think in a world where kids have such easy access to a thing called the internet, that it wouldn’t be surprising to find children watching an R-rated comic book movie. That’s partially why I stand by Wolverine’s final film starring Hugh Jackman going for an R-rating. Deadpool has proven that great marketing and creative freedom can attract a massive audience of essentially all ages. So why not let these writers have a little more creative freedom, and take the character to a place we’ve only briefly seen him go? Give Wolverine an R-rating not just for the fans, but especially for fans like me who at 10 years old first saw Jackman as Wolverine.

Well it looks like Fox is finally giving Wolverine the rating he deserves. A photo was taken at a recent of a pamphlet at a Toy Fair  (via. IGN) which highlighted the movie, including the anticipated rating.


This move is without a doubt a reaction from the studio after seeing what Deadpool did on its opening weekend. I couldn’t be anymore happier (in case you couldn’t already tell). Right now I’m picturing that moment Wolverine had in X-Men: First Class where he told Prof. Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr “Go Fuck Yourself“. That’s the Wolverine we might possibly get for an entire movie. Lets not also forget that unfortunately this will be Jackman’s final time playing Wolverine, so why not go the R-rating since Fox is going to reboot the universe after Apocalypse? Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackman reconsiders his stance and agrees to play Wolverine for more years. For now, I’ll take what I can get, which is looking like an R-rated Wolverine 3.

Does this news make you more excited for Wolverine 3? Let me know your thoughts. Also, if you enjoyed this post of mine, you can read more of my reasoning for an R rated Wolverine 3 in the link below.

Should the Success of Deadpool Make Fox Consider an R Rated Wolverine 3?

Wolverine 3

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