Rumor Central: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Possible Major Death

If this rumor ends up being true, then the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be forever shaken. If this rumor ends up being true, then Captain America: Civil War just became three times more interesting for me. Directors Joe & Anthony Russo have always had a major responsibility when they decided to adapt the Civil War story-line. Iron Man and Captain America will go against each other, with Avengers taking sides. The film has been described as a “fight at a family wedding”, with both sides wanting to overtake the other, but at what cost?

The marketing for Captain America: Civil War seems to be suggesting that James Rhodey Rhodes a.k.a War Machine (Don Cheadle) could die. I’ve been of the opinion that somebody should die, and make each movie that’s closer to Infinity War feel even bigger. A recent rumor suggests that one of the major Marvel characters could meet their end. However, this latest rumor takes it a step further and mentions a bigger character…


Still here? That’s very brave of you. So here’s what I read.

Sources over at say that Civil War currently has two endings filmed. This is nothing new, because Marvel is known to leave themselves with options going forward. One of those two cuts sees Captain America walking away with his Avengers to fight another day. This could be a hint towards the Secret Avengers being assembled. The other and more interesting cut sees Crossbones killing Cap at the end of the movie. That ending is currently the one set to hit theaters on May 6.

So does this mean that Captain America is no more? Not necessarily. The sources at are saying that someone close to Cap will take the mantle. I won’t reveal who exactly, because it goes a little bit into more detail. Instead I’ll leave a link at the bottom.

Some of you might be thinking the same thing I thought when I first read this. No one ever stays dead in the M.C.U. and those who do stay dead are usually minor developed characters. You would be correct. One of the earliest rumors for Civil War suggested that if Cap died, he would be kept out of Avengers: Infinity War Part One and return in Part Two. You might not realize it, but Marvel is already setting things in place for that possibility. Two of the remaining Infinity Stones are of Time and Soul. If I’m not mistaken, the Soul stone has the power to reserecut any person or creature back to life. Not much is known about the whereabouts of that stone. However, the Time Stone will likely be featured in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. Kevin Feige himself has teased that The Eye of Agamotto in Doctor Strange possesses similar powers to that of the Time Stone. Either one of the two stones can very easily play apart in reviving Cap.

Again, should Marvel decide to kill Captain America, then the plan would be to bring him back in Infinity War. However, Marvel could still change their minds and use the ending which sees Cap walking away. So in reality, these rumors are less concrete and more speculation based on their options. In my opinion, if Cap were to die I think it would definitely be executed well, thanks to the Russo brothers excellent directing. However, I’ll be already thinking about his return. One, because of number of films left on the actor’s contract. Two, because of the Infinity Stones and the possibilities their powers possess. Three, because if there was one thing that both Agent Coulson and Loki taught us, its that even a death involving a blade to the chest won’t kill ya.

I’m excited to see which way they actually go come May 6th. For now, do you guys think Marvel has it in them to kill off Captain America. Will he actually stay dead? Who do you see taking over and carrying the shield?

Captain America: Civil War Major Death Rumor

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