Charlize Theron Being Eyed For Villain Role in ‘Fast 8’

Charlize Theron in 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

Someone at Universal deserves a raise for this idea. Take the best part about Mad Max: Fury Road and offer her the role as the villain in Fast 8. According to Deadline, franchise screenwriter Chris Morgan and director F. Gary Gray are looking to introduce a female villain into the saga, and the role is said to be “juicy”. Universal is aiming high and eyeing Theron to play the role.

This idea is brilliant, and I support it 100 percent. Fast 8 is facing many challenges as the follow-up film to the massively successful Furious 7. One of those challenges is introduce a new villain, after Jason Statham (who I felt was sort-of misused) gave the saga its best one yet. You do that by adding a new and exciting element in a female villain. Charlize Theron completely stole Mad Max: Fury Road from Tom Hardy, and gave performance so great, so bad ass, an argument can be made it was Oscar worthy.

Theron previously worked with director Gray in the 2003 heist film The Italian Job. According to Deadline, her schedule is currently free, which favors the Fast 8 production start date in a couple months. The only concerns are whether she’s interested or not in the role, and the fact that female characters in the saga aren’t known to be “complex”. That very well could change in this upcoming installment.

No further details are know regarding the extent of the villain role, or the plot. The film will take place in New York City, and will see the crew travel to different areas around the world.

Are you interested in Charlize Theron as the villain in Fast 8? I love this idea so much, it puts my list of actors I chose to play villains to shame. Check it out in the link below.

5 Favorites: Actors to Play the Villain in ‘Fast 8’

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