Watch the Early Released Super Bowl TV Spots for ‘Eddie the Eagle’ & ‘Gods of Egypt’

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sporting event of the year, every year. Football is the biggest sport in North America, and the final day of the season has become more than just a game, it’s its own holiday. While it is about the two best NFL team coming together to face-off, it’s also all about movies baby. Commercial breaks and halftime are dedicated to some of this year’s biggest movies, with studios getting prime space to showcase their film. So while we’re all waiting to see what is in store for tomorrow afternoon as far as movie spots go, we get a little early nugget for two upcoming movies.

There’s no doubt that everyone and their mother will be waiting to see if we get new looks at Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman, and many other juggernaut properties of this year, but don’t forget about the movies that are now considered the “little guys.” Two of those little guys stepped in a little early and released their spots ahead of time, one being Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton’s Eddie the Eagle and Gods of Egypt.

Eddie the Eagle had a fantastic first trailer, but the real tell is the response it received at the Sundance Film Festival just a few short weeks back. From everything I’ve heard and read, it was absolutely loved by audiences. In a year filled with gigantic comic book movies, the sport-based movie about perseverance and believing in yourself should no doubt be a delightful treat. Gods of Egypt on the other-hand is not a festival style film, and while many are overlooking of it because of its release date and look, and rightfully so, I’m actually going in looking to have some fun. Do I think it’ll be the best movie? No. But I’m going in with very low expectations and like I said, just looking for some fun and entertainment.

Take a look at the brand new spots below; don’t forget to come back tomorrow afternoon as we’ll be covering the Super Bowl and posting all the new spots released as soon as we can!

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