Screen Junkies’ Latest Honest Trailer Calls ‘Spectre’ a Remake of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Every Tuesday, the great folks over at Screen Junkies give us some of the best viewing pleasure on the internet. Their honest trailers take trailers to an entire new level, giving us the god honest truth about films that the films themselves just don’t want to admit. Their latest victim is the latest entry into the legendary James Bond franchise, Spectre.

While the film made its usual buttload of money at the box-office, it was actually very underwhelming to fans who were looking for another Skyfall like crushing. Which, in my opinion, was its biggest downfall. Anyway, that’s off topic. If you were one who really enjoyed Spectre, it might not be the best idea to click play below. As they do most of the time, SJ does a fabulous job of hitting every point exactly where it needs to be hit, good and bad. And in the end it makes me realize something completely new about the film, it’s the James Bond version of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Watch SJ’s latest honest trailer below and jump in the comments and let us know whether or not you agree with all their points made. Was Spectre a major missed opportunity? Is it in fact a remake of The Winter Soldier?

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  1. The Spectre movie was definitely not the greatest of the James Bond franchise. In my opinion (and a few of my friends), it was quite slow, had a few pointless information here and there, and there was not much “thrill” in which some were looking for.

    • Definitely agree. Its action & thrill you’re speaking of was nowhere near the level of Skyfall or Casino Royale. Definitely a bummer since it was the same team behind Skyfall.

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