Awesome Moments & Scenes in Bad Comic Book Movies

The comic book genre suffered plenty of missed opportunities in the 00’s that delayed its eventual blockbuster dominance. However, within those missed opportunities lies bits and pieces of awesomeness. I want share some examples of what I mean by “awesomeness” with you.

Here’s a collection of awesome moments & scenes in bad comic book movies.

Ghost Rider (2007) – Carter Slade’s Last Ride

Sam Elliot as Carter Slade is one of the few redeeming qualities of Ghost Rider. When Carter reveals his true identity to Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage), its one of the best moments of the movie. Elliot has a long history starring in Western films, and seeing him climb on the horse and fire up was great. Following the reveal is an awesome sequence of the two Ghost Riders traveling to an old mission. The music (Ghost Riders in the Sky) fit the moment perfectly. Unfortunately, the ride was as far as Elliot’s Carter Slade character goes, as he for some reason doesn’t join the fight.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) – Deadpool Wipes Out an Entire Floor of Soldiers

Too many times have I seen the perfect actor cast in a role, and the movie completely mishandle the character. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was a perfect casting, and I knew it the moment I saw him interact with Sabretooh (Liev Schreiber) in an earlier scene. What stole a very disappointing was this following scene of Deadpool taking out an entire floor of soldiers. It was by far the most impressive VFX in a movie that featured very horrendous effects. Thankfully, Reynolds is returning as Deadpool later this month, and I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of these kinds of scenes.


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) – Silver Surfer vs. Human Torch

If you haven’t read my article on 10 Electrifying Teaser Trailers in the 2000’s, then you should because this above teaser made the list. Its also one of those trailer’s that fooled everyone (including myself) into thinking this would be a good movie. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer had so much potential on paper, and unfortunately everything regarding execution and direction felt lazy, with the exception of one sequence. That sequence was Human Torch (Chris Evans) pursuing the Silver Surfer (Lawrence Fishbourne). Its awesome, fun, and something I expected to see from both characters. Since I couldn’t find an actual clip of the sequence, I thought I would just show you the teaser trailer, since its pretty much the sequence.


Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Bell Tower Sequence

Some of you might think Spider-Man 3 wasn’t all that bad, and I won’t argue with you simply because I find the movie re-watchable. However, I consider this movie a failure and on par with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That being said, there are still plenty of cool moments in this movie. One of them is the bell tower sequence where Peter Parker gives up the symbiote suit. Sam Raimi did a pretty impressive adaptation of this moment from both the comics (Web of Spider-Man #1) and the animated series. Raimi’s background and experience in horror film shines during this sequence. Even Topher Grace’s transformation looking great and convincing, but unfortunately it didn’t deliver the rest of the movie.


X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) – Iceman becomes ICEman

Since the very first moment I saw Bobby Drake as Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) in the first X-Men I was looking forward to him going full ice mode. I wanted to see the character’s look from both the comics, video games, and animated series. Finally, two films later he does so during his underwhelming fight with Pyro in The Last Stand. I have to give some credit to Brett Ratner for giving us this geek moment. Later, Bryan Singer recognized this moment and used it sparingly in Days of Future Past.


Daredevil (2003) – Bullseye’s Introduction

I’ve always imagined going to a bar one night and doing what Bullseye (Colin Ferrell) does in this scene, aside from killing a man. The 2003 Daredevil movie might be known for Ben Affleck’s portrayal as The Blind Lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen, but this movie featured awesome side characters. One of them was Ferrell as Bullseye, who I thought did a good job. The first time I saw this movie, I had no clue who the Bullseye character was. This awesome introduction tells me everything I need to know about him, and to some great music (Top of the Morning by House of Pain). He’s dangerously accurate and lethal, can improvise on the spot, and is cool but crazy as hell.


Daredevil (2003) – Kingpin’s BADASS introduction

What is it with Daredevil having such awesome character introductions? The late Michael Clarke Duncan made a bad ass introduction as The Kingpin. He stands next to his window looking at the amazing view of his city, while smoking his cigar. He then proceeds to give his guards a quick history lesson before killing them in a way only Clarke Duncan can pull off. The music in this scene is just perfect (Lapdance by N.E.R.D.), especially with how the camera just slowly pans up to Duncan’s tall stature.


Green Lantern (2011) – Sinestro Teaches Hal Jordan About Fear

C’mon admit it. Not everything about this movie is complete shit, even though one of the main characters (Parallax) literally looks like shit. I’m talking about the performances from Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan) and Mark Strong (Sinestro), along with the scenes taking place on Oa (the home planet of the Lantern Corps). In this scene, Hal gets cocky during his training and learns a tough and valuable lesson from Sinestro about the power of fear. Strong takes control of the scene, as the leader of the Corps, and Reynolds follows with the two delivering one of the few good scenes of the movie.


Which of these moments stand out the most? Also, if you can think of other awesome moments or scenes in bad comic book movies, then please share them with me.

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