Poll: What Was Your Favorite January Release?

Cast of '13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi'

What is known as the toilet bowl of the movie season is now flushed and down the drain. January 2016 is officially in the books and although the first month of the year is usually regarded as the dumping ground for projects that studios aren’t so confident in, there may be a new light at the end of the tunnel. The last few years has seen January get more names added to it, and names that are worth seeing. Now, of course, it is nowhere near a May or even a September, but it’s slowly becoming something more than the yearly trash-pile.

While January 2016 was no doubt looked over as the month holding us back from seeing Deadpool or just another obstacle in the way of Batman v Superman, if you leave that behind for at least just a little bit, there was actually some quality time worth spending at the theater. Whether it was the Oscar-nominated The Revenant or Disney’s true story based The Finest Hours, there’s always a favorite. I know mine, but I want to know yours. So after some thought, jump in the poll below and let us know what January release what your favorite! Also don’t be afraid to let us know in the comments why it was your favorite. And as always, thanks for voting!

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