Tom Cruise & Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Tease ‘Top Gun 2’

Top Gun

Out of all the reboots, remakes, and long awaited sequels happening in Hollywood, this one makes the most sense. Tom Cruise is unstoppable right now, with his Mission: Impossible franchise more successful than ever. Now the actor looks to revisit another action film that helped propel his career into superstar status. Over the years, Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have slowly been putting together a sequel to Top Gun.

While there’s no official plot for the movie, Bruckheimer has previously given details on the story. The sequel will take a modern approach and explore a Navy where pilots have become obsolete thanks to drone technology. The movie’s focus will be on the end of an era for fighter pilots and aerial dog fighting, which was the point of the first film.

Originally, Tom Cruise would reprise his role as Maverick, only this time he would be a flight instructor. However, seeing how Cruise is still doing his own stunts off tall buildings and the side of an aircraft, the writers are now putting Maverick back in the air. Late last year, Val Kilmer has teased that he’s been offered to reprise his role as Iceman. Given his recent return to good health and physical condition, I expect him to return. Maybe he’ll be the flight instructor.

This week we finally have another update. Both Bruckheimer and Cruise have met and discussed the development of Top Gun 2. No further details have been revealed, but its great to see this project is still moving along at a steady pace. Right now couldn’t be a better time to revisit Top Gun seeing how Cruise is still willing and capable to do these kinda films, and the story makes sense. I want this Top Gun sequel to be as awesome for my generation and the next, as the first movie was for the previous. I know Cruise and Bruckheimer are taking this sequel seriously, and I can’t wait to see it develop further.

How does a Top Gun sequel sound to you? Would anyone you know from the previous generation be excited? Let me know your take on the idea.

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  1. No. No. I liked Top Gun. I’ve seen that movie played dozens of times during deployments on my ship when I was in the Navy from 2003 to 2007. If Tom Cruise tried being a Top Gun pilot now… no . Just no. Times have really changed in the Navy now. There’s even a female pilot in the Blue Angels Crew (those are the real Top Pilots of the Navy).

    • Well even though I disagree, I respect your opinion. Its possible that Cruise as a pilot today could take some people out of the movie. I like your idea about a female pilot though. Cruise’s last two films have strong female action stars (Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson). Man the Blue Angels though, I haven’t seen them fly since as a kid in the 90’s. Also, thank you for your service Michelle, and for the support over the past weeks on our site.

  2. This shouldn’t be a reboot, it should just be a sequel with Tom Cruise playing the role that Tom Skeritt played in the original. Its been long enough to say in the real Navy that he’d be at least a Commander or above. He would still be piloting in the movie, he’d just to the top guy. There are guys still in the military that are retiring now with 30 years, its fairly common.

    • It’ll definitely be a sequel. I think its awesome that Cruise is still in great condition, because it’ll give the writers more to do with the Maverick character. I want to see him show the youngsters and higher ups that pilots will never be obsolete. Its unfortunate that Tony Scott passed. Him & Cruise were developing this for a long time. I’m sure they’ll honor him by making this great.

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