Our First Rumor Central Podcast Has Arrived, Recapping the Biggest Rumors of 2015!

Rumor Central is a podcast dedicated to our same titled section on our site. The only thing we talk about are those potential spoiler rumors, because nothing is more fun than speculating on some juicy details on big films. 

Our first Rumor Central podcast is all about 2015 and some of the biggest rumors during that year. Check out the podcast below, and feel free to skip through to what interests you using the time stamps below as reference. If you enjoyed anything about this podcast, please give us a like or even better a subscribe. Thanks so much for the support!

02:39 – Drew Goddard Directing Spider-Man for Marvel/Sony
06:05 – Spider-Man Rumored Subtitles: The New Avenger & Spectacular Spider-Man
09:00 – Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe in the Making w/ Chris Pratt & Channing Tatum
16:47 – X-Men: Apocalypse & Wolverine 3 will End Bryan Singer’s Universe
20:45 – Angelina Jolie Directing Captain Marvel, with Charlize Theron as Captain Marvel
26:07 – Aquaman and Flash Cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
32:54 – Tyrese Gibson and Chris Pine Starring in Green Lantern Corps
39:18 – George Miller to Direct Man of Steel 2
44:22 – Hayden Christensen Training for Star Wars: Episode VIII
51:30 – James Gunn Fires Back on Twitter Regarding Star Lord’s Father Rumor
59:12 – Twitter Contacts & Closing Statements

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