Rumor Central: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Could Be the End for One Major Marvel Character

For the first time ever in the M.C.U., the antagonist in a film could be one of the good guys. Of course, that all depends on which side you take. Captain America’s side or Iron Man’s. Through a series of interviews from directors Joe & Anthony Russo and a first trailer, we now know what each side stands for. Captain America stands for superhero rights and freedom. Iron Man stands for restrictions and limitations on superhero activity. Each Avenger has been forced to take a side, and will end up fight the opposing side. It’ll be an exciting conflict for sure, but will it have any stakes behind it?

I only ask because at the moment I can only count with one hand the number of Marvel character deaths through twelve films. The point I’m trying to make is Captain America: Civil War has an opportunity to shake up the M.C.U. unlike any film has before, with a major character death. I personally think a character needs to die, and I mean DIE and never come back. Sure, many people can make the argument that Quicksilver’s death was emotionally impacting, and I’m one of those people to a certain extent. However, there are a same number of people who are calling it a “cop out”. Reports around the web are stating that Joss Whedon shot multiple endings for Quicksilver, including one where the character survives. And had he survived, I think it would’ve hurt future Marvel films. Anyways, with two years until Avengers: Infinity War arrives, there’s no questions the stakes need to be raised. Well its likely possible the Russo Brothers are aware of the situation and have set things in motion for something tragic to happen in Captain America: Civil War.


One big spoiler-heavy rumor was revealed during the most recent episode of That Hashtag Show. Sometime last year they mentioned that Civil War would begin and end with separate funeral scenes. Since Civil War was first announced, fans have continuously debated on whether or not the film would follow the comic book story-line, and have Captain America would die. While its very much possible, That Hashtag Show dropped three different names as possible deaths. Those names are War Machine…. Falcon… and Scarlett Witch.

Certainly, not all three of these characters will die in one film. Their report states that multiple death scenes were shot and only one will be included in the theatrical release. Its a smart move on Marvel’s part, as it gives them options to see which character arcs they want to further explore. Marvel is a studio that’s always thinking ahead, and its very evident in their films. Its possible they’re talking to several actors regarding contract extensions and re-ups. Depending on how those talks go would determine which character gets killed off. For now, let’s jump into the cinematic universe and explore the probability of who dies.

Cap Die

War Machine a.k.a. James Rhodey is probably the most interesting option. He’s best friends with Tony Stark, who seems to be on the attack while Cap remains the more defensive side in the first trailer. That could be a very dangerous strategy. Rhodey follows and supports Tony, and will die protecting him. We’ve already seen a badly injured Rhodey in Tony’s arms in the first trailer, which means he’ll be very much in danger. Considering Don Cheadle’s age (51) and the high possibility of no Iron Man 4, its likely he could bite the dust. Plus, how devastating would it be for Tony Stark, who’s already gone through so much, to lose his best friend.

Falcon a.k.a. Sam Wilson is a fairly new addition to the M.C.U. in comparison to his new comrades. His friendship with Steve Rogers has grown over the past few films. However, the wildcard factor is the re-emergence of Bucky Barnes. I’m curious as to how that affects each of their friendships with Cap. It might make Sam more expendable going forward. However, I can’t see Sam dying in Civil War for several reasons. Unlike a majority of the actors under contract, Anthony Mackie is genuinely excited to have a bigger part in the M.C.U. as Falcon. He may not ever get his own film, but the Falcon character serves as a fun side character, who I could see sticking around into the next phase. I mean look how awesome his small role was in Ant-Man. The guy is willing to do anything to stick around.

Scarlett Witch a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff is the biggest surprise on this list. Its partially because of how beautiful I think she is, but also consider the lack of female presence on the team. Sure,there’s Black Widow and Maria Hill, and I think they’re awesome. However, Scarlett is the only actual SUPERhero on the squad. I feel like she’ll live through Civil War just to keep that balance. Also, consider how she was just introduced in Age of Ultron. Her powers, and relationship(s) with the fellow Avengers, can be further explored. Not to mention Elizabeth Olsen was likely signed to a minimum three picture deal, which does mean absolutely nothing, but also means Marvel can do more with the character. However, a Scarlett Witch death could devastate Vision. The two had a moment in Age of Ultron, and are very close in the comics. This could make Vision leave Earth, and maybe become more involved in the cosmic side of the M.C.U.

Regardless of the characters rumored, I think someone we actually care about needs to die. There has to be significant stakes by the time we reach Avengers: Infinity War Part One. Wouldn’t you agree? Who do you think will die in Captain America: Civil War?

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