Concept Art for Tonight’s DC Special on The CW Reveals the Justice League, Including The Flash & Cyborg

If you didn’t know already, tonight there will be a DC Films special on The CW at 9 p.m. ET. The CW, of course, is the hub for DC Television, where shows such as ArrowThe Flash, and now Legends of Tomorrow operate. Now that DC’s big screen cinematic universe is coming together and ready to take off in March, DC seems to be taking a page out of Marvel’s playbook and using their time of The CW for exclusive new footage and sneak peaks into those movies.

Tonight’s special is reportedly going to include not just Batman v Superman, but Suicide Squad and now a confirmed Wonder Woman. We’ve been expecting to see new footage for Zack Snyder’s Dawn of Justice, but David Ayer revealed that the special will include a new trailer for his villain-centric comic book movie, and now Wonder Woman herself has confirmed the preview will include Wonder Woman. Not only that, but she dropped a decent size bomb on fans, including a piece of concept art with the announcement that shows the entire Justice League standing tall together.

Justice League Concept Art

While I think most of us were expecting to see previews into DC’s 2016 titles, it sure looks like the special may be dedicated to unveiling the superhero team, which could include first looks at both Ezra Miller’s The Flash and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. I definitely wouldn’t mind getting our first sneak at these characters, because they will be huge assets to this universe going forward. But if this in fact true and happening, it goes back to my concern all along, the sole focus is setting up an entire universe.

I don’t know the feelings of others, but it feels like Batman v Superman and its marketing/promo’s has become about something way more than what we really want, Batman versus Superman. Add in all the news/rumors revolving around that possible test screening that happened and Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice has now become a whole new beast, a beast that has The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opposers feeling some déjà vu.

At the same time, I could be completely off about it all. Nothing has been confirmed by anyone involved with tonight’s special. Myself and others on the net are taking it all as we see it, and this is how we see it. So make sure to tune into The CW later tonight for the DC special, which may or may not preview some juicy things for all you DC fanboys out there. If in fact it does happen, check back here on Apocaflix! in the coming days for my feelings and opinions (and possible concerns) on the looks and details released about Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, and possibly others (Green lantern?) unveiled tonight.


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