‘Deadpool’ Gets Banned in China; First Reactions from Secret Screenings Arrive!

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in 'Deadpool'

The bad news is, Deadpool has been banned in China. The good news is… Deadpool has been banned in China. Allow me to explain what I mean.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Fox’s upcoming R-rated comic book flick has been denied a release in China. According to the report, the reasons for the ban is due to the film’s violence, graphic language, and nudity. This is bad news for Deadpool because China is the second largest film-goer market in the world. Being shutout of a market this huge is bad for any blockbuster film. Deadpool might have just lost a potential $50+ million. However, here’s the good news…

The fact that Deadpool has been closed out for the reasons stated above, means this’ll be the film that fans were hoping for. Normally, China’s censorship division would work alongside Hollywood in developing a cleaned-up cut for these kinds of R rated films. However, the trade mentions that doing so would create major plot holes. So its pretty clear that violence and graphic language (and possibly nudity) would play a major part in the film, which is music to my ears.

Hopefully, Deadpool has a killing at the U.S. box office to makeup for its overseas losses. The film’s budget is relatively low, so it won’t take much to make back its money.

UPDATE: A secret screening of Deadpool happened last night. Pretty safe to say this film will be a hit. Here are the first reactions…

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool


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    • I agree. I think the fans here in the U.S. should really spread the word if they like this movie. ‘Deadpool’ was made for us.

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