2015 Apocaflix! Awards: Best Moment, Best Villain & Breakout Performance of the Year

2016 is well underway now. We’ve officially had two opening weekends in the year, but before we start looking forward to everything happening this year, we here at Apocaflix! wants to look back at 2015. Just as the beginning of each new year is dedicated to the award season, we decided to do the same. For the first time, Gio, Jacob, and myself (Jake) put together our very first annual Apocaflix! Awards.

Much of the credit can be given to Gio, as he came up with a creative way for our personal awards. While our site award would include the normal, every award show categories such as Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Performances of the year, each of us chose three categories on our own. Now because we didn’t want them to be your boring, everyday awards, we tried to come up with categories that were fun and fun to talk about, such as Best Moment or Overall MVP of the Year.

So without further ado, in the first post of what should be a four post series, we give you the first three categories of our 2015 Apocaflix! Awards: Best Moment, Best Villain, and Breakout Performance of the Year.

Don’t forget to jump in the comments section and let us know what your picks are! Make sure to hit that like, share, and subscribe button for our YouTube channel. Below you can check out our other Apocaflix! Awards, and as always, thanks for listening!

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