Amber Heard Is Reportedly in Talks to Play Mera in the DCEU’s ‘Justice League’ & ‘Aquaman’

While Warner Bros. is really going to kick-off their DC comic book universe with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which doesn’t hit theaters for another two months, the studio is already charging hard into laying the ground work for the larger side of the universe, Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The DCEU to this point has landed some very talented, A-list names, including Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenberg, Will Amber HeardSmith, Margot Robbie, and many others. Well, it looks like they’ll be adding another big female name to the mix.

According to Variety, Amber Heard (The Danish Girl) is in talks to join the cast of the upcoming ensemble feature Justice League, as none other than Aquaman’s Queen Mera. Variety’s sources tell them that Heard would not only be set to appear in Justice League, she would go on to co-star alongside Jason Momoa in the Aquaman standalone film, which will be directed by James Wan.

If the deal were to become official, Heard would join the ranks of some very talented names as one of the more interesting “supporting” characters. I put supporting in quotations because Mera is easily one of the more stronger side characters in the comics. A character who begins as the princess of Xebel (a rival to Atlantis) who is trained from a young age to kill the Atlantian King, eventually falls in love with the underwater hero and becomes the Queen of Atlantis, becoming a huge part of the story. So it is no surprise to hear that the role is being casted for the solo film, where she will co-star, but it is surprising to hear that she will appear in Justice League. Either she will just make some kind of a cameo alongside Aquaman at some point to lay the groundwork, or Snyder and co. have big plans for Aquaman’s lady-love.

With the character of Aquaman being one of my personal favorite DC characters, Mera is definitely one of the characters stronger attributes. She isn’t just his queen and someone who comes in here and there, she is with him all the way. Her abilities (superhuman strength and durability, and the power to manipulate water), her values, and her undying love and loyalty towards the King is what makes her so popular. Of course, the two do have scuffles Aquaman & Meraa few times, which would make for some very exciting things on screen, but it’s when they swim together that they’re at their best. Those moments in the comics are some of the best in the series, something I’ve really been pulling for ever since the announcement of the DCEU and Aquaman.

As for Heard being their pick, she isn’t someone I would’ve thought of at first, but could not be any happier by the decision. While many of her roles are supporting, her resume clearly shows she has some incredible range. And she’s had a few roles where she’s played an action-oriented badass, which will definitely help her with the role of Mera. I’m even surprised when saying this, but this is one of my favorite casting decision Warner Bros. has done for their DCEU.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has a Nov. 17, 2017 release date.

James Wan’s Aquaman swims into theaters July 27th, 2018.

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