‘World War Z’ Sequel Loses Its Director, Brad Pitt Still Attached


The last thing Paramount wants to see from its upcoming World War Z sequel is more trouble. Even after the increase production budget expenses and major rewrites, the first film turned out pretty good both critically and financially. Nevertheless it was still a headache for the studio. Well now it seems WWZ II has hit a speed bump, and will have to search for a new director.

Director Juan Antonio Bayona has dropped out of the project, after being attached for over a year. Bayona reasons for leaving are mainly around the need for more prep time. However, Paramount is set on production for the sequel to begin this summer for a June 9, 2017 release date. Bayona, who’s best known for directing the indie disaster flick The Impossible, is now expected to be approached to direct the Jurassic World sequel.

I’m probably one of the few people excited for a World War Z sequel. I know many fans of the books were displeased with the story from the first film. The good news is the writers are starting with a “clean slate”, so expect more this time around. As for the the director search, this project still has Brad Pitt attached in the lead role. Also, considering the source material and success of the first film, this would be a tempting project for many directors.

The sequel to World War Z has hit a speed bump, but fortunately there’s plenty of time to find a new director before the cameras start rolling this summer.

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