Should the Success of ‘Deadpool’ Make Fox Consider an R-Rated ‘Wolverine 3’?

In a year that includes 7 comic book movies, I believe Deadpool is the most important one for the genre going forward. Sure, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War are certainly bigger films with each having their own importance, but that importance is guided more towards their separate universes. Meanwhile, Deadpool, being an R-rated film, could open up a whole new type of comic book movies for a mature audience. Its success could make Warner Bros look at their own DC properties and starting thinking about giving their characters a more faithful onscreen adaptation. Marvel on the other hand will understandably never consider an R-rated comic book film due to their parent company (Disney), which is fine because of the success they have on Netflix with their smaller characters. As for 20th Century Fox, the studio who listened to fans and is rolling the dice next month with Deadpool, there’s an opportunity to give their biggest money maker a proper sendoff with an R-rated film. The character I’m referring to is Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman has stated numerous times the next Wolverine film would be his last. While the PG-13 ratings on the previous two films have been the least of either of those film’s problems, its been somewhat a distraction for die hard fans of the character. How many times have we questioned why the cigar smoking mutant w/ claws would stab someone and there be no blood? Something like that isn’t really a problem, but its a minor criticism for people like me who want to see Jackman fully embrace the R-rated character. Not sure what prompted 20th Century Fox, but they finally decided to show a little blood on those claws in The Wolverine.

What I’m getting at here is that if Deadpool makes tons of money at the box office and critics love it, then the studio shouldn’t hesitate on giving Wolverine 3 an R-rating. Remember, this year’s X-Men: Apocalypse will close out Bryan Singer’s original universe by introducing a younger Cyclops, Storm, and others. Next year will be the final Wolverine film from that same Singer universe, which heavily featured Jackman. What does 20th Century Fox have to lose? They’re going to recast the Wolverine character in a couple years anyway. Why not give Jackman and director James Mangold the freedom to explore all the darker and violent elements of the character? Let them make the extended R-rated cut that we’d normally find with the blu-ray copies the actual theatrical cut. In my opinion, this could be the only chance the Wolverine character has for an R-rating since they’re already transitioning their cinematic universe towards a different direction, with characters like Deadpool and Gambit (Channing Tatum) taking more central roles.

For years, I’ve been wanting an R-rated Wolverine film. If Deadpool is a huge success, then Fox should consider doing it not just for Jackman, but for a certain group of fans. Fans who, like myself, first saw Jackman as Wolverine when they were a kid and are now adults. Fans who’ve followed his 16 year span as the character, and are sad to see him retire. Make this happen Fox.

Do you feel the same way about an R-rated Wolverine movie for the fans?

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