Clips: ‘Ride Along 2’, ‘Jane Got a Gun’, ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ & More

After the jump you can check out the latest batch of clips to hit the web. After a couple weeks on the slower side, the movie world is getting back to business. Although January is usually deemed the toilet bowl of the movie year, January 2016 could be the beginning of that turn-around.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still a much slower month compared to the rest of the year, but there are actually a few I’m looking forward to. And you can see a few of those below, which includes Ride Along 2Jane Got a GunKung Fu Panda 3The 5th Wave, and Diablo:

What do you think about the new clips? Jump in the comments and let us know your thoughts on the clips from above and if you’ll be checking out these movies in theaters, or if they are more the home video type.

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