James Gunn Praises the Hell out of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ & Tom Holland’s Spider-Man; New Promo Art Shows a Superhero Beatdown

It’s 2016, you know what that means? It’s time for war, Civil War. The highly, highly anticipated Marvel film is finally smashing into theaters later this year, and this nerd cannot freaking wait. It’s one of the handful of movies I’m looking forward to miles ahead of the rest, reasons which are displayed within its James Gunnfirst trailer. Now of course because it doesn’t come out for five months, we don’t know if it will actually be as bonkersly good as we’re hoping and thinking it will be, but did we just get confirmation that it will be?

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn recently took to his Facebook page to do a little Q&A with fans. And when asked about the upcoming superhero epic, Gunn revealed that he has in fact already seen the film and that he is very pleased with the end result, calling it “incredible” and “one of the best Marvel movies ever.” He continued by saying that director’s Joe and Anthony Russo did an “awesome” job with their Captain America: The Winter Soldier follow-up. Now of course this is just one man’s opinion, but Gunn does know what a great Marvel movie looks like, with Guardians being just that. So would I recommend taking this with at least a grain of salt? Sure. But do not take it as lightly as you normally would, because this is a very exciting sign.

Gunn didn’t stop their. He continued on about the film and gave us our first real piece of information on the latest addition to the MCU, Spider-Man. He described young Tom Holland’s performance as Peter Parker/Spider-Man as “off the charts awesome” and “amazing.” For someone who knows how to get fantastic performances out of actors, this is fantastic. Like I said above, they are just words and until we see it, we won’t really know. But for now, just as Gunn says, freaking awesome!

If you’re clinging for more looks at the film like me (watch that epic first trailer here), you’ll really enjoy this new badass piece of promo art that teases the epic battle sequence we’ve all been thinking about since its announcement:

Joe and Anthony Russo’s Captain America: Civil War smashes into theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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