‘Die Hard’ Honest Trailer: No One Kicks More Ass than John McLane

Screen Junkies, you’ve done it again. If you’ve been following us here at Apocaflix! for a while now, you know I absolutely love Screen Junkies’ honest trailers, they are sometimes the highlight of my day. I especially love when they do movies that were just released and that ended up being really bad, because they go full-board and crap on it non-stop for four minutes. But every once in a while, even they find a movie that crapping on is very hard to do.

A more recent one that comes to mind is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as the only thing they could make fun of was the last second countdown at the end. Well, it looks like one has surpassed that and it’s easy to understand why. SJ’s latest honest trailer dives into Nakatomi Plaza and attempts to give the original Die Hard a honest trailer. But because the film is pretty freaking flawless, SJ knows that, flips the script, and basically praises it for four minutes instead of their usual stand-up. But let me tell you, it’s just as much as a treat as any of their usual honest trailers.

With all the rumors revolving around another Die Hard and even the talk about doing a possible reboot, jump in the comments and let us know your thoughts on the possible sequel/reboot/remake Die Hard 6. Do you want to it remade or rebooted? Or would you rather see a sequel? Why or why not? Sound off!

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