Showdown Sunday #14: Best Female Action Star of 2015?


Welcome Back to Showdown Sunday #14.

Every week we pit two movie related forces (characters, movies, directors, etc) against each other and you guys vote who wins (via. Fan Poll).

Well everyone, its the last Sunday of the year which means this showdown has to be a good one, right? I started thinking of some ideas, and wanted to shy away from the usual “Best Movie of the Year” kinda stuff. After awhile it sort of hit me out of nowhere just how great of a year its been for female action stars.

All the talk right now regarding that topic is about Daisy Ridley as Rey, but as great as she was in The Force Awakens, is she the best in a year that included Rebecca Ferguson from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, or Charlize Theron from Mad Max: Fury Road (who according to most people was so good that she steals the movie from Tom Hardy’s Max)? I think that’s an interesting debate, which is why that will be our last Showdown Sunday of 2015.

I put together an impressive list below, and now you get one vote on who you think is the best. Try to be unbiased, and consider both the performance and the character, and the impact both had for the film overall.

Now go vote & share to your followers if you like this. Have an amazing New Year!!!

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