Get Ready for ‘Point Break’ with a Handful of New Clips & a Behind-the-Scenes Video

Christmas Day is one of the biggest movie days of the year. It’s not only the final big day of the year, but it’s always home to a number of brand new films being released. This year is no different, as at least five big names are hitting screens that day. One of this is the remake of beloved action thriller Point Break, a one of a kind for this Holiday season.

While I’ve personally had quite a bit of fun with its trailers, it still feels like Point Break is flying under the radar with the everyday audience. Maybe it’s just because of how much love revolves around the original or maybe just because it hasn’t yet appealed to others, either way I know I’m looking forward to it. If you’re one who is still questioning this remake, hopefully these clips and b-roll footage will get you to the theater for what should hopefully be an exciting action movie.

Point Break hits theaters on December 25th, 2015. Directed by Ericson Core starring Luke Bracey, Édgar Ramírez, Teresa Palmer, Ray Winstone, and Delroy Lindo.

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