‘Fantastic Four’ (2015) Honest Trailer: A Superhero Film That’s Ashamed to Admit It’s a Superhero Film

Josh Trank on set 'The Fantastic Four'I’ll be straight, Fantastic Four is one of the worst movies of 2015, if not the worst. From the embarrassing behind-the-scene issues it had to the complete lack of substance the film featured, it’s easily one of the biggest failures of the last decade.

Because of all the finger pointing that’s happened since it’s abysmal release back in August, we all never really know what exactly happened. Everything suggests that the studio (20th Century Fox) lost confidence in director Josh Trank and took over making the film half way through the film; that’s pretty clear, because there is an obvious shift that happens halfway through the film. But it’s not all the studio’s fault, obviously Trank didn’t handle the situation well and sort of went down in flames, pretty much ending his chances of directing any big budget films in the near future (Star Wars: Rogue One).

Even with everything that went down, it’s still kind of surprising that just an okay film couldn’t be made. I mean, I know there was some major problems, but the cast was ridiculously talented, led by four of the best young talent in Hollywood today. Not just that, but a writer in Simon Kinberg (Simon Kinberg) who has been crushing everything lately. I guess that just says how bad everything really was…

Moving on to what this post is actually about, something I’ve been waiting quite sometime for. If you’re connected to the movie personality world on the internet or have been following us here for a while, you’ve probably heard of Screen Junkies either here or there. I definitely recommend giving all their shows a look, but especially what they do with their Honest Trailers. After the movie is released and nearing its home video release, they basically review the film in the most honest way possible, showing what the film really is, compared to what it pretended to be. Sometimes SJ can’t think of anything because the film is just that good, but that’s definitely not the case for Fantastic Four… Check it out:

Fantastic Four released on Blu-ray and DVD December 15th, 2015.


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