Cancelling ‘Fantastic Four 2’ is the Best Move Fox Has Done For the Property

'Fantastic Four' Wallpaper

There was a time prior to the ‘Fantastic Four‘ release where I would blog about the smallest updates on the film. I was so confident this reboot would be good, despite all the troubling rumors surrounding it. Then I saw the movie, twice, and couldn’t believe the failure I had witnessed. While others were saying “I told you so“, I was in disbelief.

The ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot was a complete failure. Yet, I was one of those people who thought its cast (Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell) deserved another shot. Even the harshest critics on Rotten Tomatoes will admit how good and talented of a cast this film had. I still believe that given a clean slate, which includes new producers, writers, and a director, a good film can be made. Over the last couple of months Fox has suggested, despite the film’s failure, that a sequel was moving forward as planned. Well, we once hopefuls can forget all about that now.

Fox has quietly removed ‘Fantastic Four 2‘ from its scheduled 2017 release date. This according to “Box Office Mojo”, who tweeted the news earlier.

I guess its time for Fox to give up film rights for yet another comic book property, and give it back to Marvel. Its okay Fox, you had a commendable run with the Fantastic Four property… actually, no you didn’t.

I just remembered how terrible this studio is at making good comic book movies (outside of X-Men, at the moment). Let’s quickly revisit Fox’s record with other comic book properties.

Daredevil FF

Around a decade ago, Fox single-handedly killed all their comic book properties. It started in ’03 with Daredevil starring Ben Affleck, and then in ’05 with ‘Fantastic Four‘ starring Jessica Alba. Both films showed flashes of decency, but failed on so many levels. Then in ’06, the studio stuck a dagger in the heart of their comic book franchise with ‘X-Men: The Last Stand‘. The film ended what Bryan Singer started for the X-Men franchise in ’00. The final blow for Fox happened in ’07 with ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer‘, which failed miserably, leaving Fox with nothing left to build on. Also, lets not forget their desperate attempt to revive their biggest franchise with ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘. Not even the franchise’s biggest star could save that film.

Couple years passed, and Fox seem to have gotten back on track. Although they lost the rights to Daredevil, the studio re-claimed their success, with the two most recent X-Men films (First Class, Days of Future Past). Fox had an opportunity build on that success with the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot, and potentially setup a connected universe similar to Marvel. They had all the right pieces in place for ‘Fantastic Four’, with an up-and-coming director, proven writers, a great producer, and a young hot cast. Then, Fox went back to their old ways and dipped their hands into the script, budget, and production set plans. The rest is history.

Its clear that outside of X-Men this studio has no clue what they’re doing with these Marvel properties. We’ve seen what Daredevil (Netflix) can be when in the right hands, and now its time for Fantastic Four to go back home.

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    • The only people holding that franchise together is Bryan Singer, Matthew Vaughn, and somewhat Simon Kinberg.
      It’ll be interesting to see how these films pan out when Hugh Jackman departs. He carries every film for them. Deadpool looks good, while Gambit looks hopeful, but as you can tell from the rant above that I’ve been wrong before…

      • Deadpool looks good, though I am not sure if they will be able to carry the joke through the whole movie. Gambit will be mediocre at best, more likely a disaster. (And I predicted the utterly failure of F4 which also being right about Ant-man ending up the more interesting movie compared to Age of Ultron…I even predicted that an eventual Ant-man sequel would be called Ant-man and the Wasp or something similar).

        The next X-men movie will btw most likely be an underwhelming action flick, but the fans will tell themselves that it is good. Because that’s what happens with nearly all X-men movies.

      • Hopefully you’re wrong about ‘Gambit’, but this is already starting to feel like Deja Vu because so many people aren’t asking for this movie to happen.
        Nice on the predictions. I’ve seen ‘Age of Ultron’ about five times now and each time it gets worse. Not saying its a bad movie, but it doesn’t compare to the first.
        I thought the first X-Men served as a good drama between mutants and their place in society. X2 remains the best and most action packed in the franchise. My concern with ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ is that it’ll try doing too much with a introducing a new cast with a current cast, therefore the villain might suffer being underdeveloped. I’ve heard it might turn into a two part movie, which I won’t know how to feel about that until I’ve seen some footage…

      • I think I might have liked it better if it had gotten more room to breath and if they hadn’t added the stupid romance. It is a more layered movie though. Flawed, but interesting once you peel it apart.
        It’s more the choice of actor (not sure if he fits the role) and the constantly changing directors which worry me. And then this overblown budget. At least they now delay the movie. Why they wanted to release three movies in one year is beyond me either way.

      • Yeah I see your points. Channing Tatum has only gotten better and better, and while Doug Liman is a great choice to direct, this movie can go bad very quickly. I’m more worried about Fox doing something stupid honestly.
        The only reason they want to do three movies, is so either keep up with Marvel (who’s been putting out two films per year for years) or attempting to take over. They’ve clearly proven they don’t have the minds or talent to replicate what Marvel is doing, so best they stick to X-Men…

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