‘The Night Before’: New Red Band Trailer Takes You on a Trip with Seth Rogen

This holiday season get ready for a hard R raunchy comedy in ‘The Night Before‘. The story focuses on three life long best friends (Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Anthony Mackie) who celebrate their traditional Christmas Eve debauchery one last time, by searching for the holy grail of Christmas parties.

The second red band trailer titled “Wild Night” gives us a few glimpses of the crazy and wild adventure that’ll take place between Rogen and company. If you think you’ve seen Seth Rogen f*cked up before, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. At least that’s what this trailer suggests.

The fact that I find these trailers hilarious is a bonus (that Michael Shannon cameo). On paper I was already excited for this movie. While Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen disappointed with ‘The Interview’, they’ve more than proven to be a power duo in the comedy genre. Seeing director Jonathan Levine reunite with Rogen and Levitt (50/50) in this film is also great.

This season will be filled with Oscar worthy films and huge blockbusters. ‘The Night Before‘ will be a perfect balance of counter-programming for those films, while offering some adult holiday jokes for the approaching season.

‘The Night Before’ releases in theaters next week (Nov. 20)

The Night Before

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