The First Teaser Poster for ‘The Revenant’ Is as Visually Stunning as It Possibly Gets

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is without a doubt the biggest and most anticipated film of the rest of 2015, that’s pretty much a given for everyone. But that second slot goes to many different titles, one of them being Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant. For those of us who have been following the film from the very beginning, it’s everything we want from a movie released this time of year; the reigning Oscar-winning director, two starring names who are among today’s best, and a crew that is unlike any out there.

For me – and I’m sure this goes for many of you – the one thing that catches my eye the most is the look of the film. If you watch the trailer without knowing anything from behind the scenes, it would easily still stand out to you. But if you didn’t know already, the film was shot with all natural light; no flood lights or 'The Revenant' Teaser Posterspecial equipment to lighten up the film. Iñárritu took his entire cast and crew out into the wilderness for hours and hours each day, filming during different times of the day to capture the natural light cast over the mountains and through the trees. That may not sound like something spectacular, but that is something you rarely ever see today, if that.

Like I said above, the trailers for the film so far have beautifully showcased what exactly natural light on film looks like, and good lord it’s paid off. There’s a part of me that is holding out for The Force Awakens to win Best Cinematography at next year’s awards because well, it’s Star Wars. But I know that most likely, The Revenant will be taking that title in a land slide. Now if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, I highly recommend clicking the following link (watch the trailer here) and checking it out as soon as possible, it’s something that should not be missed.

Since then, we’ve seen a handful of just gorgeous images that only continue the presence this film has been building towards for the last few months. And now, we see even more with its first official teaser poster. It doesn’t feature any big names, faces, or clutter, instead focusing on the incredible landscape that looks to be shot with all natural light. I include natural light in that sentence because posters these days are all photoshopped together, as we rarely – if ever – see a poster feature an actual shot taken from production, and that’s why this one is just so damn visually stunning in every sense of the word. But what makes it really stand out are the embers coming from the left hand side, as it feels like a subtle hint towards the burning fire of chaos that will be featured come its release. It’s a true spectacle.

What’re your thoughts on the first teaser poster? Did it hit you just as much as it hit me? Why or why not? How much are looking forward to The Revenant? Sound off int he comments!

Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant has a limited December 25th, 2015 release date and will open everywhere on January 8th, 2016.

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