Fox’s ‘Gambit’ Movie is in Danger of Becoming the Next ‘Fantastic Four’

Fox has plans in store for the Gambit character in the near future. Once Hugh Jackman retires as Wolverine in 2017, it’ll be up to Channing Tatum to help fill that void. Tatum is a box office draw and, he’s an improved actor to the point audiences have accepted him.

The Gambit movie has been a passion project for Tatum, and every interview I’ve watched on him talking the character suggest he’s the right guy for the role. However, the movie itself has been having a difficult time coming together.

This past summer, sites have reported the budget for Gambit would be a little over $150 million dollars. Since then Fox has expressed concerns with a budget that high, after losing millions from Fantastic Four. At one point, the project was endanger of losing its star Channing Tatum over reported budget disputes. Luckily, a deal was made and soon after a director was found in Rupert Wyatt.

Wyatt was an excellent choice, having found success in origin story films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes (starring James Franco). Then suddenly last month, Wyatt dropped out due to schedule conflicts (reportedly).

Now with no director, the studio is forced to push back the start of production from next month to next March (according to Heroic Hollywood). Smart move right? Except the Gambit movie is scheduled to release in October of next year. I’m no studio executive, but that’s cutting it close!

At the moment, there are three directors in the running to direct Gambit. According to The Wrap, Edge of Tomorrow & The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman is being considered. Also in the mix is Shane Black (Iron Man 3) and Joe Cornish (Attack of the Block).

I really like Doug Liman and the work he’s done with action films throughout his career. I don’t like Shane Black directing this comic book movie. Although I loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I’m not a fan of what Black did with Iron Man 3. I’ve yet to see Attack of the Block, but Joe Cornish does have writing credits on this year’s Ant-Man, which was a surprise hit. I wouldn’t mind Liman or Conrish to direct Gambit. Although, I think it’ll be Cornish just because Liman is a very busy man, with three separate upcoming projects all involving Tom Cruise.

Hopefully Fox can get it together with this project. Considering everything that’s happened so far, and the comments from multiple sites suggesting fans don’t want this Gambit movie, its beginning to feel like Fantastic Four all over again. Things could change in an instant, and personally I hope its for the better.

Gambit is scheduled to release October 7, 2016.

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